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I've recently come back from a very informative and interesting trip through central N.S.W down to Victoria, the purpose of the trip was to source the best quality hay available to market.


This year I meet with several farmers in a few different locations, all were very welcoming and loved a chat.

There products varied a lot, even from farmers who were neighbours or across the other side of a river. All were down on production because of floods from previous years and some because of lack of water allocation.

What some people don't realize is how much the same kind of hay ( for example Lucerne ) can vary, and not all hay is the same.

N.S.W for example can often get 6 cuts of Lucerne per year. Most dedicated Lucerne farmers use what is called a summer active Lucerne, so the plant stays dormant over winter and kicks off around November with what is known as first cut Lucerne, which often has a thicker stalk and can be known to have a little grass through it.

Not the ideal racehorse quality hay, but still good enough for hacks. As the weather heats up the hay comes up quicker and also has a slightly thinner stalk and once the hay is baled right produces racehorse quality hay. Which is exactly the hay we look for.

It has been said that hay is easy to grow and just about all farmers have had a crack at it or know someone who has, but were it gets tricky and is often an art form is in the bailing of hay, it needs to be cut and cured in perfect conditions to keep the leaf on the stalk and stop the hay from souring and going off.

Like anything in life it all comes down to knowledge and experience, and we have the best farmers on-board to supply you with excellent quality hay at an affordable price.

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