The new hay season has begun

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Michael Hambly

I've just come back from visiting some of the farmers we deal with on a regular basis and also some new ones, Ive just got to say they work so bloody hard, hats off to them.

Its not easy farming and often the weathers Gods aren't kind.

So far this season we have secured some really nice hay, if you'd like a stable price year round with hay thats not going to deteriorate in open sheds and your horse is not going to waste, come over for a visit and ill run you through what we have.

I honestly believe we have the best hay available to market and its priced fair !


Oaten Hay

Origin: NSW

The hay is being stored in a farmers new shed on a concrete floor, the sheds all closed up and no sunlight gets in. The hay was harvested with good colour in it and it smells really nice.   

Italian Rye Grass / Meadow Hay

Origin: NSW

This hay come off a brand new stand, good weight in the bale, good colour and smells great.

There will be a limited supply from this particular farmer, first in best dressed.

Sub Clover Hay

Origin: Victoria

This is up there with some of the best sub I've seen.

Lucerne Hay

Fine stem Queensland hay holding its leaf well.


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