Our Barter Brown Hens are 17-18 weeks old

The barter brown chicken is one of Barter and Sons signature breeds that orginiates from a Rhode Island Red and a White Leghorn cross that is now bred true.

They have fantastic colouring and show a definite brown and white fleck in their feathers. Every hen has different markings, so you will always know who is who.

The Barter Brown hen is lighter in body weight and will eat less, making her efficient and economical in egg production.

The Barter Brown is the quietest breed we have.

  •  It makes a great family pet.
  • Extremely calm and friendly temperament.
  • Nice naturded, settled in nature.
  • Not at all fighty.
  • Live well housed together.
  • Lives well with other breeds.
  • Often low in the pecking order.
  • Great layer (1 egg per day)
  • Largest, darker brown egg.
  • Lays from 19-25 weeks of age for 2-3 years.
  • Not known to go broody
  • Fully vacinated.


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