Biotin is used in the treatment of abnormal hoof growth due to a deficiency of dietary biotin.  Biotin is also used to treat hair growth issues.


Active Ingredients:


Biotin 180mg/kg in a calcium and montmorillonite base.



Directions for Use:


Mix Biotin powder into the feed. A 30g scoop is included.


  • Heavy Horses (600kg): 90g (3 scoops), twice daily.

  •  Medium Horses (400 - 500kg): 60g (2 scoops), twice daily.

  •  Light Horses (300kg): 90g (3 scoops), once daily.

  •  Ponies & Weanlings: 60g (2 scoops), once daily.


 Treatment with biotin should continue for 6 - 9 months for maxiumum therapeutic effect.

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