Our Rye Clover hay is sourced from specialist growers in Victoria.

Rye Clover hay provides excellent roughage and promotes healthy gut function for spelling, boxed and light to medium worked horses.

Generally speaking the bale should be 40% clover 60% rye grass.


After visits to different growers accross Victoria, samples are taken back to the warehouse and viewed by Steve Hambly who has 37 years experience with hay.

The hay must pass a stringent of tests which include but are not limited too :

  • bale weight
  • colour
  • smell
  • price and transport cost
  • horse paletabilty

After the best hay is picked from the different farms, we then agree with the growers on a price and the volume of hay we will take for the year, locking in a stable price and guaranteeing a quality supply year round for our customers.

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