Rye Grass

Rye Grass

Our Rye Grass is sourced from a handful of dedicated and specialist growers.

Rye grass typically has less protein and energy, is high in fibre and ideal for horses that are less active, stabled or susceptible to colic.

This type of hay can be feed throughout the day as if the horse was naturally grazing as its low in nutritional value .


After multiple visits to different farms accross two states, samples are taken back to the warehouse and viewed by Steve Hambly who has 37 years experience with hay.

The hay must pass a stringent of tests which include but are not limited too :

  • bale weight
  • colour
  • smell
  • price and transport cost
  • horse paletabilty

After the best hay is picked from a certain region, we then agree with our grower on a price and the volume of hay we will take for the year, locking in a stable price and guaranteeing a quality supply year round for our customers. 


Common question

Why is the hay so expensive ?

Answer -Unlike Pasture hay which may have dangerous and toxic weeds through it, our Rye grass is planted and harvested once a year, needs fertilising and the farmers have one chance at harvesting it, that is why it is a similiar price to lucerne.

Superior hay will always stack up better in the end, less wastage, better horse health, less vet bills.

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