SwellDOWN is a fast-acting preparation containing active ingredients
which aid in producing a soothing, cooling reduction of inflammation and swelling.
LEGS - Cleanse area thoroughly. To assist as a preventative after racing, competition or heavy exercise, coat the targeted area with SwellDOWN poultice. To relieve soreness and swelling, and for maximum results, cover area to be treated with a liberal amount of SwellDOWN poultice and cover with moist paper (preferably brown paper).Then wrap with plastic and hold in place with a quilt or sheet cotton and a standing bandage. Leave in place for 12 to 24 hours then wash off with water. May be used daily.

FEET - To draw out stone bruises and for general hoof soreness, pack bottom of hoof with SwellDOWN poultice and hold in place with moist paper (preferably brown paper) or hoof boots.

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Type: Horse

Vendor: Kelato

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