Appetite is Specifically formulated for Performance horses are athletes, and just like humans, they are required to maintain top condition in order to perform successfully.

In striving to achieve these high levels of athletic performance, horses are exposed to a variety of stress factors including hard physical training sessions, increased handling, altered dietary and change in conditions, as well as the stress involved in  transportation and competition. Quite often horses in hard training develop stress-induced appetite reduction.There are many other reasons why horses may seem to 'lose their appetite'.

Some horses are just fussy eaters, while smaller horses have difficulty consuming large meals. However, many horses that are usually good eaters become picky or uninterested and start to leave food uneaten, particularly when work is commenced. When raced or competed on a regular basis, these horses lose condition, energy and the ability to perform to expectation and to recover quickly from exercise.

How Is It Used
Shake well before using. Provide 30ml with each feed until horse is eating normally.
If necessary increase to 60ml with each feed for three days until improvement in eating
has occurred. For problem horses administer 30mL by syringe in the horse’s mouth before
feeding for one or two days, then continue with 30mL per day until horse is eating normally.

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Type: Horse

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