Superior Tomato Herb & Veg - 10 kg Bucket

Superior Tomato Herb & Veg - 10 kg Bucket

Dinofert Superior Tomato, Herb & Veg is an all-purpose fertiliser with an organic base that is boosted with additional nutrient goodness to improve flavour and yield of your home grown produce.

  • Organic based fertiliser.
  • A fast acting all-purpose fertiliser with added nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels for optimal plant growth.
  • Formulated to improve flavour and boost vegetable yield.
  • Organic base supplies essential macro and micro nutrients essential for plant life, encouraging healthy green foliage growth, flowering and fruiting.
  • Specifically formulated to give your vegie garden all the nutrients it needs from seedling to flourishing crops ready for picking

N. P.  K

9   2  12

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