Carrot Seeds-Chantenay Red-Cored

Carrot Seeds-Chantenay Red-Cored

Very nutritious vegetable originating from central Asia. Richest vegetable in vitamin A. Used by ancient Greek physicians as stomach tonic, known in Roman times and widely used as a vegetable by 13th century. Sunny spot. Good in all soils, likes well drained friable soil, fertilized for previous crop. Thin to 20-50mm and use thinnings as baby carrots. Sow seed direct, keeping seeds moist, can cover with hessian or similar till germination. Rotate crops to prevent disease build-up. Cleaned carrots store well in cool conditions.
Seed count: 600-900 seeds per gram

About the broadest and shortest root, orange-red colour through-out, sweet and tender. Suited to heavy soils. Sow spring to autumn. 60-74 days.
Seeds per packet: 1100

Tags: Seeds

Type: Organic Seeds

Vendor: Kensingtonproduce

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