Kensington Racing Concentrate
Kensington Racing Concentrate

Kensington Racing Concentrate

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The racehorse has a specific protein requirement. Protein is the major structural component of muscles, blood and many other tissues. The racehorse needs a daily intake of protein to maintain, grow and repair tissues. 

Breakdown of protein contained in muscles and other tissues occurs in horses on low protein diets, while additional protein is required to replace tissue degradation and losses from sweat in working horses.

Excess protein in the diet is fermented in the hindgut, producing heat, which adds to the heat load of the exercising horses.

Kensington Racing Concentrate has been specially formulated for high performance racehorses combining high quality protein sources as well as omega fatty acids and a high quality mineral, trace mineral (including chelates) and vitamin balancer pellet for athletic horses.

Additional hoof and gut health additives have been included in the formulation that have been scientifically shown to improve nutrient absorption and digestion.

The Kensington Racing Concentrate is designed to be offered with additional grains such as whole oats, cracked corn and additional roughage sources.