• Rex Hambly founder, trains "Fight" STC Meeting Canterbury 6/11/54

  • Supplying Sydney race horses since 1955

  • Straw Bale Hire

  • Sourcing grain from the best farms across the East Coast of Australia


Kensington Produce

Horse ~ Pet ~ Garden 

Supplies Sydney 

Since 1955

Please note we are closed Sundays, public holidays, and long weekends


"There are no loyalty programs, memberships or rewards for shopping here.... just the lowest prices everyday"


Located in Sydney's eastern suburbs we are suppliers of quality horse feed, chicken feed, organic chicken feed, scratch mix, laying hens, backyard poultry, barter browns, australorps, leghorns, straw bales, lucerne hay, garden supplies, poultry manure, cow manure, compost, earth worms, worm castings, seedlings, organic seeds, heirloom seeds, garden hay, raised garden beds, recycled timber garden beds, mulches, premium fertilizer, rock dust, foliar fertilizer, cheap bird seed, finch mix, budgie mix, canary mix, wild bird mix, huge range of bird seed at the best prices, pet supplies, bulk dog food, premium kibble for cats and dogs, australian made premium dog cat food, dog treats, flea control, Comfortis, panoramis, frontline, revolution, worming treatments, dog & horse shampoos, pigs ears, liver treats, science diet, eukanuba, supercoat, cobber, dog pro, bonnie, a la cart.
all prices subject to change without notice.