Bale of Sub Clover Hay (Green)
Bale of Sub Clover Hay (Green)

Bale of Sub Clover Hay (Green)

Kensington Produce

Sub clover is only cut once a year, it's usually cut around November and can take up to 10 days to cure depending on weather conditions. 
For this reason it becomes hard to source as conditions are very rarely ideal.
It's also very difficult to bale than other types of hay because of how soft and spongey the hay is.
It's really important that this hay has had no rain on it while curing 
It's always in high demand from leading trainers as an alternative to lucerne or compliment to a feed program.
  • Highly palatable 
  • Slightly less protein then lucerne
  • Soft 
  • Beautiful aroma
  • Good colour