Barastoc Low GI Cube

Barastoc Low GI Cube


Barastoc Low GI Cube will provide the right balance of nutrients to support your breeding, growing and performance horses, whilst minimising the risk of diet derived disorders such as developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD).

  • A low-starch and low-glycemic index feed for horses that cannot tolerate high grain diets and/or are at risk of developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD) .

  • Contains multiple super fibre sources and added omega rich oil to ensure a slow release of energy, which aids digestion and hindgut health.

  • The right balance of bio-available organic trace minerials and natural Vitamin E for coat quality, hoof wall growth and bone mineralisation.

  • Contains KER Buffered Mineral Complex™ (BMC) for gastric and hind gut buffering which improves gut health.