Ranvet Batphol 50ml

Ranvet Batphol 50ml


Injectable supplement for hard working horses which provides a concentrated source of B-Complex Vitamins in combination with Choline Chloride.



  • Provides the spectrum of B-Group Vitamins indicated for hard working horses engaged in racing and rigorous training/performance regimens being fed high grain rations.
  • Improves energy metabolism to ensure the efficient release of energy necessary for optimal muscle function.
  • Promotes red blood cell formation and regeneration.  A less than optimal production of red blood cells may lead to a lowered oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, resulting in insufficient muscle perfusion.


  • Provides highly concentrated source of B-Group Vitamins which are not readily stored in the body and are necessary for energy conversion and provision.
  • Ideal for hard working horses prone to sweating and electrolyte loss.
  • The addition of choline has favourable effects such as preventing fatty infiltration of the liver, assisting the elimination of toxins from the body (via the liver) and assisting nerve responses to aid healing.